p r o j e c t p a r t n e r s


dakinstreet can’t do it alone.

For most projects we rely on an experienced team of independent consultants to work closely with dakinstreet and the Owner at the outset to first assess the needs of the project and then offer cost-effective options to best serve the project.

The number of consultants can vary from project to project depending on the scope, but these folks are available when we need them to pitch in :

Mechanical | Electrical | Plumbing | Fire Protection Engineering

H.M. Yonge Associates, Inc. [ Matt Yonge ]

Lewis Engineering & Associates, Inc. [ Kenny Lewis ]

Structural | Civil Engineering

Barton & Shumer Engineering [ David Shumer / Russell Barton ]

Barter & Associates [ Marc Barter / James Russell ]

PSE Designs [ Bill Sealy ]

Lieb Engineering [ Chris Lieb / John Rigrish ]

Historic Preservation & Tax Credits [ Stephen McNair ]